12 June 2009

26th july 2008 ~

the day v start together ~

time's run fast ~

nw v together bout 10 months++ ad ~

hubby is at sg nw ~

n im at kl ~

v always celebrate our month anniversary together ~

hope v cn continue like tat ~

bt hubby is working at sg nw ~

he cnt always take leave to celebrate wf me ~

i understand tat ~

n i wont feel sad bout it ~

so tis month anniversary [26th june]....

v jz cn celebrate in phone ~

actually i ad bought the present ~

bt nid 2 gv u lately ~

cz u din cm 2 kl ~

bt bout nx month anniversary....

NO! is our 1 year anniversary....

is damn important !

u ad promise me u wil cm 2 kl 2 celebrate wf me ~

remember !?

i bet u wil !

n i wish u better wil ~

if nt, u r dead !

wakaka ~

jz kidding ~

dramatic me ~~~~ ^_^'''

ystrdy v chating in phone ~

u said u r start thinking the present u wil gv me ~

for our 1 year anniversary ~

hehe ~

so im excited nw ~

curious bout the present ~

bt jz remember hubby....

no matter wat present u wil gv me....

im stil loving it....


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