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18 May 2009

last saturday ~

i jz bought a new wallet ~

its a brand called 'BURBERRY' ~

i love the pink colour outside ~[recenty lov pink colour]

the colour attracted me ~

so i bought it ~

izit nice...?

wel, i hope u al say yes ~ ^^

then, i bought a new bag ~

the brand is 'GUCCI' ~

im sure everybody know tat brand rite ~

tis is it !

the bag is cover wf the GUCCI cover ~

n tis is without the cover ~

izit beautiful..?

i wish yeah too ~

the part tat attracted me is the love shape surface

i love the love shape outside ~

n the bag-chain of cz ~

oh ya !

n bout the inside ~~~~


love the way inside too ~~~~ ^^

tis bag original price is RM5000 ~

use a lot of money tis half month ~

nid to start save money nw ~ ^_^'''

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