i duno wat u singing...soli bout tat...^_^'''

13 May 2009

ystrdy, after v take our dinner ~

v go outside n sit there ~

den a guy ply songs wf his cellphone ~

n let me guess the title of the song ~

cz al my frenz noe i din listen to mandarin or cantonese songs since i was a kid ~

so i jz noe sm title oli ~

den when he ply sm mandarin lov songs ~

he jz keep looking at me n singing to me ~

LOL ~~~~ ^^

bt i duno wat's the lyrics means at al ~

i jz laughing n keep looking at him ~

kaka ~

soli bout tat ~

although u singing wf so emo ~

bt i duno wat's the songs means ~ ^_^'''

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