finally.... can take a rest ! ^.^V

7 May 2009

today finally v cn take our student ID ohh ~

im seem so mature on the student ID's photo ~ ^_^'''

today v aso get our timetable n schedules ~

after v end the class ~

v take bus to go our hm n take dinner ~

after tat, v ply or jz monkeyin around ~

many ppl look at us ~

wakaka ~ childish us ~

bt fun at al ~ ^^

finally, 2ml is our 1 day holiday ~

finally cn take a rest ~

arghhhh....feel comfortable ~

cz recently v din slp very wel ~

always feel tired n nid to wake up early every morning ~

2ml nite n sat nite i wil overnite at sis's house ~

hehehe ~~~~

nyappy nyappy ~

oh ya !

my mum n dad wil cm tis sat ~

yipee !!!!

cn c mum !

i mis mummy a lot ohh ~

aso cn celebrate MOTHER'S DAY wf her ~


bt i hvnt buy present yet ~ ^_^'''

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