chubby face make me PROUD !

12 May 2009

ystrdy, after v end our class ~

den go bek our home ~

v take the lift to go 29th floor ~[v live wf same floor]

den in the lift, v saw a cute babe ~

i think is 'she' ~

i try to make her smile ~

bt she din, she's jz looking at me ~

wf her huge black eyes n nvr close it ~

after 'she' go out of the lift ~

[ cz she's carrying by her mum ] ~

i said bye bye to her ~

den my guyz frenz said...

she jz looking at me n nvr close her eyes is because...

my face is jz like a huge hamburger ! =.='''

they said i gt a chubby face ~

jz like a hamburger ~

so the babe think im a hamburger, n wanna eat me ~

so jz keep looking at me ~ =.=

bt anyway ~

i like my chubby face ~

guyz always like chubby face galz ~

cz 1st, they like to pitch they face ~

n secondly, they think its cute ~

n when v more older ~

v r stil cute ~

cz v hv a chubby face ~


im proud of it ! ^.^V

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