3rd day in KL....

6 May 2009

3rd day in KL ~

today v hvnt get our timetable or student ID ~

wel, mayb 2mrw ~

today v hv been ply ice breaker ~

there's many group ~

n my group is AI SIG ~

our title is wanna promoe bout robotic ~

sm kind like movie 'i-robot, starwars, AI' like tat ~

wel, our leader is a niggro ~

v create a drama ~

nid to b action ~

although v cnt get the top 3 group ~

bt stil, tats fun ! ^.^V

btw, i hvnt take bus before ~

even in my hometown ~

im sure al my frenz wil know tis ~

they wil aso always laughing at me ~ T____T

bt here, i nid to take bus always ~

cz without bus, i cnt go to skol ~

i din hv any transport at al ~

although my dad said wanna bring me a car ~

to solve the problem bout din hv transport ~

bt i dun wan ~

cz i dun recognize those road in KL ~[there's many of them]

so mayb after half year i wil take the car ~

2mrw stil nid to listen til 6pm ~

arghhhhh !!!!

tired !!!!

bt tats ok !

cz tis fri v din hv class ~

so mayb wil go wtch movie wf frenz ~

jz say....mayb.... ^_^'''

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