2nd day in KL.......

5 May 2009

2nd day in kl ~

of cz, better den ystrdy lah ~

cz ystrdy duno y, nt feeling wel ~

mayb is im gt 'homesick' ~

wakaka ~~~~

today aso jz listen those lecturer said ~

no nid to do wat ~

bt me n my housemate bek home at bout 7pm+ ~

damn tired !!!!

n feel sleepy ~

2ml cn take our timetable ad ~

n mayb wil take our student ID card ~

jz nw v date wf frenz ~

2ml wil b hang out wf sm guyz to buy sm stuff ~

v al aso live wf same floor 1 ~

bt of cz, different appartment lah ~

btw, my dad is going to c me on tis sat ~

nyappy nyappy !!!!

i mis ya papa ! ^^V

of cz, i aso mis my mum too lah ~


soli tat i cnt celebrate it wf u oh mummy ~

i wish i cn....

n i mis my home too ~

i think i wil b more use to it after tis week ~

i mis u al....

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