23 April 2009

It keeps coming back to me
I remember this pain
Ir spreads across my ey
Everything is dull

Everyone's smiling, they're smiling
It pushes me far far away
I can't understand
Everything is blue

Can you hear me out there?

Will you hold me now...? Hold me now, My frozen heart
I'm gazing from the dis
tance and
I feel everything pass thro
ugh me
I can't be alone right now
I'm lost in a deep winter sleep
I can't seem to find my way out alone
Can you wake me?

I know when I let it in
It hides love from this moment
So I guard it c
I watch the move it makes

But it gets me, but it gets me
I wish I could understand how I
Could make it disappear, make it disappear

Anyone out there hear me now?

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