silly guy.... ^_^'''

28 April 2009

well, recently im bz ~

so when i sign in fs[friendster], i jz sign in my lastest acc(5th acc) ~

the other 4 acc din sign in ~

ystrdy, i was free ~

so i sign in the other 4 acc to check out ~

when i sign in the oldest acc(1st acc) ~

i saw a silly guy drop a comment to me ~

the comment is like below....
well well ~

1st of all, thx for the compliment ~

and u'r praise too much i think ~

bt i duno wat is the meaning of 'play wf me at msn' ?

play wf u ?

play wat stuff ?

and he said 'if u interest plz msn'.... =.=

well~ al i wanna say is im nt interest at al ~

bt thx for the comment btw ~ ^_^'''

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