25 April 2009

ystrdy im like ordinary ~

free n boring ~

so i check out YOUtube ~

n i found out a video ~

its cm out as a news ~

its 2008 case, mayb hv ever post on newspaper ~

bt i din notice, cz im seldom check out the newspaper ~ ^_^'''

its happened in China ~

the news is happened in a secondary skol ~

the secondary skol is located in a village ~

so 1 day....

a gal wf jz 11 years old n other classmate in their classroom like ordinary ~

a male teacher is teaching them tat time ~

suddenly, the gal jz scold the teacher once ~

jz oli once....

fluttering, the teacher jz become a insane person !

he din scold the little gal, bt jz hit her badly !

when those reporter ask those witness/classmate ~

they said teacher jz like another person ~

teacher use his leg to hit tat gal badly ~

especially her head ~

tat moment, the gal is almost dead ~

after he hit awhile ~

suddenly, the teacher throw out the gal away ~

cz their classroom is on 4th floor ~

n their classroom gt a huge window ~

so tat means the teacher throw tat gal from 4th floor to the bottom ~

wow~ tat teacher is damn scary neh ~

after he throw tat gal, al student are shock n go out the classroom ~

bt bout tat pity gal....


her mum stil waiting for her to cm bk take lunch ~

bt nw she know tat her lovely daughter ad dead ~

pity mum....

i think tat teacher is reali paranoid !

although tat gal is no manners ~

bt she jz a lil gal, she reali deserve tis ?

u guyz cn check it out in YOUtube ~ ^^

tis is the link----

[ im glad tat he's nt my teacher, hw bout u guyz? ]

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