KL~ here i come~~~~

29 April 2009

ystrdy im start to pack up sm stuff ~

cz tis sat i wil go kl ~

thr's so many stuff tat im gonna pick ~

cnt mention it al ~ ^_^'''

al stuff r brand new ~


nid to start my new life ~

nid to start my new college ~

nid to live my new accomodation ~

nid to b frenz wif my housemates ~

they'r al from different state, even different country ~

i wil being friendly and i hope they wil too ~

UCTI~ here i cm~~~~

im afraid im nt use to it ~

im start to worry i wil being alone thr ~

cz i hate to be alone !

bt my frenz said im talkative person, wil easily to mk frenz ~

i hope so ~

bt i wil listen to my sis's words too....

'becareful when making frenz and becareful bout talking wf them ~'

i knew it sis, i wil ~

kl ppl r different wf ipoh ppl~

somemore, college life is big different wf highskol life ~

thr's around wf jealous,betray,unfriendly and more....

im understand tis sis ~

dun worry, cz i wil ~

nx monday college wil b start ~

and the orientation wil b a week ~

boring, bt tats gud aso ~

no nid to study ~

lazy me ~ ^_^'''

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