22 April 2009

tis is always happen !

everytime when my parent's frenz or cousin saw me n my younger sis ~

they always said im the third child n my sis is the 2nd 1 ~

actually i wil feel happy ~

cz its prove tat im looks younger mah ~ ^.^V

n i know my sis is angry bout tis ~

cz it's means tat she looks older ~

LOL ~~~~

bt 1 thing mk sense....

my younger sis is taller than me !


even she is jz form 2, 14 years old ~

many cousin also my 2 sis is taller than me ~

so mk me looks like im da smallest 1 ~

my elder sis JESS----170cm smthin ~
mz b taller than me lah ~

my younger sis YENG----i think 167cm smthin ~
taller than me a bit lah ~

n im jz 165cm !


I WANNA BE TALLER ! T__________T

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