HANG OUT DAY ~~~~ ^^

3 April 2009

wel ~ ystrdy hang out wf my 2 frenz ~

1 is my baobei, CHEESE....

n 1 is my laopo, PEI YEE....

its long time din hang out wf them luh ~

ystrdy v go jusco 2 wtch a new movie ~


wel ~ of cz ~

i hv wtch 3 part of it ~

part 1: the fast and the furious
part 2: 2 fast 2 furious
part 3: tokyo dri

bt my 2 frenz din wtch any 1 part of it ~

bt nvr mind,they jz accompany me wtch ~ ^^

wel~ tis time character gt DOM,MIA,LETTY,BRIAN....

almost al character in the fast and the furious ~

oh ya !

n 1 person in tokyo drift....

al is think bout SEAN...?

nope nope ~

is HAN....the 1 dead in tokyo drift ~

bout the stories ???

uhh uhh ~

cant tel u, wtch urself ~

wel~ bt stil....

i think tis movie is nice wtchin, especially for guyz ~

b4 v wtch the movie ~

v go take lunch....[actually is our breakfast] ^_^'''

after v take lunch, they accompany me go SASA buy eyes perfection ~

last time i bought it RM60,nw jz RM46,cheap neh~ ^^

oh ya! v hv take sm picz b4 wtch da movie ~

enjoy those picz ya ~~~~

tis is PEI YEE ~~~~n tis is CHEESE ~~~~

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